Monday, May 25, 2009

What Really Matters …. I changed the title of my blog a couple of months ago. It can be read as either a question or a statement. Either way, what really matters is people – those close to us, those in our wider circle, and also those we don’t know who desperately need our help. As I’ve noted in prior posts, at least one-third of the world’s population is just struggling to survive each day. These people also matter.

I’m reminded of a powerful little booklet entitled “Tyranny of the Urgent”. The author drew the distinction between the urgent and the important, suggesting that almost all of us allow the urgent to crowd out the important. The urgent matters are essentially the daily tasks in front of us, while the important matters are relationships – vertically with God and horizontally with other people.

As a Type A personality, I need this lesson drummed into me every day. Type A’s talk about being Type A and chuckle. But it’s not really funny, because many of us wish we weren’t. We need to learn to enjoy the experience of allowing the important to push aside the urgent. I know “what really matters” in my head, but I need to live it each day.

Working at Gladney has awakened parts of the relational side of me that had been gathering dust. Gladney is nothing if not relational. Within the Gladney community, we call it Family for Life and we mean it. Beyond the borders, we’re doing everything in our power to impact the lives of children left behind in orphanages around the world. What really matters ? It’s right in front of us, if we’ll see with the eyes of our heart.

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