Religion and Politics (2nd Post)

Monday, August 24, 2009

In my last post, I described myself as a liberal, evangelical Christian. I explained what the word “Christian” means to me. Here I will tackle “evangelical” and save “liberal” for my next post.

To me, evangelical simply means I’m excited about my faith. It’s my framework – the lens through which I view life. Therefore for me, it’s a natural topic of conversation. Why wouldn’t it be ? I don’t look for opportunities to weave it into every dialogue and I don’t stand on the street corner and preach. By the same token, I don’t shy away from talking about what I believe to be the answer for people who are searching for truth and meaning in their lives.

Maybe I’m wrong. I’m willing to risk it. I’m prepared to stake my life on belief in the unseen world. Perhaps this does make me a “nutcase” as I noted in the previous post. But I don’t think so. Ecclesiastes 3 says: “God has set eternity in the hearts of men.” Blaise Pascal, 17th century mathematician and philosopher, put it this way: “Inside each man’s heart is a god-shaped vacuum.” Intuitively, we know there is a higher (unseen) power. Based on my reading of the Bible (and other books touting different views) and validated by my life experience, I choose to believe the higher power is the God that is revealed in the Bible.

If someone thought they knew the key to filling the vacuum that Pascal refers to, but kept the secret from me, I’d be very disappointed. I think I have the secret. But it’s not a secret. Examine God’s word.

So, evangelical Christian – guilty as charged.

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