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Friday, October 2, 2009

Good morning !

It's 4:15AM in New York. Well, I showed up 45 minutes early for the bus to Bethpage. Must not have read the email too carefully.

This is the start of what promises to be an unforgettable weekend in New York - the sixth bi-annual Gladney Cup golf tournament at Bethpage Black today and Winged Foot on Monday, two famed US Open golf courses. Bracketing events in the city on Saturday and Sunday night. Sunday evening's event is a gala honoring Mike McMahon, my predecessor as Gladney's President. The event will be hosted by Hugh Jackman. Kerry Butler will perform, as will Pat Green.

On Monday night, Jim Nantz will emcee the awards ceremony at Winged Foot. Gladney is fortunate to have wonderful and talented adoptive parents and friends.

The whole idea is not just to put on a first-class event and have fun, although that is important.

We are raising money to fund our humanitarian aid efforts around the world. To focus on the children left behind; on those who will never find a permanent family; on those aging out of the orphanages. We want to play a role in giving them "a future and a hope".

The 4:45AM bus will be here shortly. The weather is holding up. It should be a great day of golf, except I'm told the course is brutal.

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John said...

Frank and all!
We are so sorry that we won't be with you this weekend but will be there in spirit. We wish you the best and hope that you enjoy all of the events to the fullest!
The Cervino Family