Gladney Family Associations - Lifetime Memberships

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have been so encouraged, but not surprised, by the number of Gladney families who have taken advantage of our new lifetime membership opportunity. Making this choice signifies commitment and our families are remarkably committed to Gladney, to our mission, and to each other.

Joining up for life is a value statement. Lifetime members are saying we value what really matters – family, friendships, connection, belonging, making a difference.

I view Gladney’s adoptive parents as having an ownership stake in Gladney by virtue of our lifetime emotional investment, as well as the financial investment. As CEO, I see myself as accountable to this group and as one who also has a shared interest, since 2 of my 3 kids were adopted from Gladney.

Ownership has privileges and responsibilities. The responsibilities are encapsulated in the urging that each of our owners also be Gladney Ambassadors for Life. Be willing to share your story. Be an advocate for Gladney and the cause of adoption. So as a GFA Lifetime Member, I hereby also confer upon you the title of Ambassador. A noble title – just one more benefit of lifetime membership !

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