The Eyes of Texas - Sadder, But Still Proud

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The college football season is over. And it ended with a thud.

To this Longhorn fan, it almost seems like Thursday night’s championship game against Alabama wasn’t even played, since we lost our star QB, Colt McCoy, on his 5th offensive play. I have watched Colt play for 4 years and I must admit that although I am 32 years his senior, I have learned leadership lessons by observing him – watching him inspire his teammates, witnessing his humility and the way he deflects credit to everyone else, seeing him never waver irrespective of circumstances and rise to every challenge, and watching his teammates respond to him. And there he was on Thursday night rallying the troops from the sideline in the 2nd half.

Kudos to Gilbert Garrett, the freshman QB who went from dazed and confused to near legend in one night. (Almost a Clint Longley moment – “the triumph of the uncluttered mind”.) The Longhorns are in good hands the next few years as Gilbert has obviously learned something about leadership from Colt as well.

But Colt deserved a better fate this year. He didn’t necessarily deserve to win, but he did deserve the right to compete for the national championship. As the winningest QB in college football history, his name ought to be in the rarified UT QB air alongside Vince Young, James Street and Bobby Layne.

Am I still in mourning from Thursday night’s loss ? Let me answer that question this way….. I have almost recovered from Bart Starr’s quarterback sneak against the Cowboys in the 1967 Ice Bowl.