The Future of Gladney

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What will Gladney look like in 2020? To be honest, at this stage I’m not too sure. But we can go ahead and start the discussion now, and in fact we have. We have just kicked off the process of envisioning the 2020 finish line and figuring out how we’re going to get there. Not that our work will be complete in 10 years - far from it.

One thing I do know – we want to widen our impact.

This process has prompted me to think more about leadership. And I have arrived at a definition for myself as a leader. I’m not at all there, but it’s something I want to strive for – Bold in Vision; Disciplined in Execution; Humble in Spirit.

Does this leadership definition have applicability for Gladney as an enterprise? I think so. I am convinced that “widening our impact” will only occur as we collaborate with other like-minded organizations and even some who would be considered farther afield from us. I further believe that meaningful collaboration is grounded in humility. Is Gladney prepared to take the occasional backseat for the greater good of the causes we so strongly believe in? You bet. And that’s true leadership.

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CDIP said...

I like the definition. It has application to all worthwhile endeavors.