Monday, April 12, 2010

Volunteer…. Now why would anyone want to go and do that ? You don’t get paid. In fact, it may cost you money. It takes time and no one has any extra time. It involves commitment and we tend to shy away from commitment these days. So why does Gladney have so many wonderful volunteers ?

What’s their motivation ? As is probably the case for volunteers that support other organizations, I think it boils down to two things: 1) Gratitude – a deep recognition of blessings and a compulsion to respond, and 2) Other-centeredness – “living from the inside out”; looking beyond oneself at the world in need around us.

A non-profit organization’s success hinges to a significant degree on the commitment and passion of its volunteers. Gladney’s board of directors models this volunteer spirit as they devote extensive time in providing guidance and oversight to our management team. The Gladney Family Association (GFA) volunteers carry this torch locally by putting together calendars of events year after year to ensure that our families stay connected and supported.

The opportunities to volunteer on behalf of Gladney range from outreach and education to event planning and execution to providing transitional care to participating in service and heritage trips to being available to support our birthmothers.

Our volunteers are the best ambassadors for Gladney. They have a story to tell; they tell it and they act on it. Lucky us !

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Gladney Adoption said...

A great example of our volunteers being the best ambassadors for Gladney is Whitney Williams. She was a volunteer marketing intern last year and developed a passion for everything Gladney. Not only does she have her own jewelry design business, but now she is designing a new bracelet for the On Their Own initiative. Read all about her in the Fort Worth Business Press!