Hayden's Graduation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My most recent post referred to 2 graduations and a wedding in the Garrott family in May and showed pictures of our son, Phillip. In early June, our daughter Hayden graduated from Vista Ridge High School here in Austin. So I wanted to post a few happy graduation pictures of Hayden with her proud parents. Occasions like graduation are so special not only because they represent a sense of accomplishment on the part of the graduate, but they also serve as significant milestones in life's journey for both the graduate and the parents. As parents, we have mixed emotions - we share in their joy of accomplishment and their excitement about moving on to the next stage of life, but we also recognize that they will never again be under our roof or under our protection in quite the same way. In short, they have become adults, so I guess our pride at helping them get to this point should trump any nostalgia about wanting to go back and recapture fond memories from their youth. Having said that, Hayden and I will always be Shoshones.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The last several weeks have been eventful for the Garrott family - 2 graduations and 1 wedding. Our oldest, Phillip, graduated from Furman University and 6 days later married Katie. Rebecca and I are beyond thrilled to have Katie as a daughter-in-law. Here are a few pictures from our 10 days in South Carolina - just a handful of casual pictures of Phillip with his parents, Phillip with Katie, Phillip and his roommates, Phillip and his best man, Riley. The second to last picture includes Phillip's sister, Hayden (far right) and his younger brother, Sam (far left). More pictures to come from Hayden's June 5 graduation.