Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Genesis 12, God tells Abraham that he has been blessed, so that he will be a blessing to others. Out of an overflow of gratitude comes a desire to serve others.

When I was a teenager, gratitude and service were not even on my radar screen. My screen had a great big ME in the middle and not much room for anything else. However, today it seems that many teenagers and young adults have grasped the concept of gratitude and how it translates into service – none more so than our Gladney teenagers who just returned from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Supported by Gladney staff and 2 intrepid Gladney moms, 11 teenagers transformed an orphanage through their hard work and compassion. More importantly, they transformed lives – the orphans and their own.

I have yet to meet anyone who spends time in an orphanage and leaves the experience unchanged. It carves away a little piece of your heart. My guess is that God prefers to work through people who have bumps, cuts and bruises on their hearts. A week in Mexico certainly tenderized the hearts of 11 Gladney teens.