Client Satisfaction

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Client satisfaction is taken very seriously at Gladney. But what organization doesn’t say that ? Just over 2 years ago, we upgraded our approach to assessing client satisfaction by engaging an outside firm to survey our clients several times a year.

We’ve learned a lot from this process. First and foremost, we mainly have very satisfied clients, who are likely to recommend Gladney to a friend. This is quite gratifying. And no, we don’t hand them a survey minutes after they’ve received placement of their baby or older child ! We’re not trying to game the system.

But the offsetting reality is that not everybody is happy with us all the time. We really scrutinize the survey data, seeking to uncover any systemic issues. What we’ve learned lately is that while we communicate often enough, Gladney should be the initiators of the communication more often.

Occasionally we receive feedback about the overseas experience, such as “my dinner wasn’t cooked quite right”, “the shower was cold”, “the internet connection was spotty”. To that, I simply say: Welcome to travel in the developing world.

Gladney strives to do our very best on the things over which we have control and we’ll never take the view that we have “arrived” with respect to client satisfaction. We’re always looking to improve. The adoption process, domestic or international, is an emotional one. At Gladney, we want to do everything possible to smooth the ups and downs, even providing hot water, a well-cooked meal and a reliable internet connection when we can !

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