Gladney's Values

Monday, November 1, 2010

Clear, well-communicated values reflect the convictions of an organization.

Gladney values INTEGRITY above all; is built on pillars of PASSION and DEDICATION; and is driven by COMPASSION for the vulnerable.

This may be a great statement, but it’s meaningless if we don’t walk the talk. Examples abound of corporations (and non-profit organizations) that say one thing and do another.

We do live these 4 values at Gladney. They empower our staff. They define our culture. They transcend, and even bridge, differences. They serve as a compass for us. They form the basis for the reputation Gladney has built over 123 years of service.

As I interact daily with my Gladney team members, I’m absolutely convinced that their personal values align in word and deed with these 4 organization values. I wish you all could wander the halls with me and witness how powerfully these values frame what we do each day at Gladney.

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Debbie Robinson said...

Thank you, Frank, for your words, especially about the Gladney Staff. I think the same can be said for the Gladney Board and the Fund Board...we all share those values for an organization which has so impacted our lives forever.