The New Year is Here !

Friday, December 31, 2010

We got a call about 10:05 this morning (December 31) from our son and daughter-in-law in China. It was 5 minutes after midnight (January 1, 2011) there, so the New Year is already rolling in around the world.

It makes me think of New Year’s resolutions. On just a few occasions, I’ve set out to keep New Year’s resolutions. My average failure date has been around January 15.

What I usually do about this time each year is pull out my “bucket list”, which I created 20 years ago, before the term existed, I think. I’ve got about 50 items on it that I want to do before I die. World Series – done; Christ statue in Rio – done; Great Wall of China – done; attend all 4 major golf tournaments – done; travel to Israel – not done; write a book – not done; become fluent in another language – not done, not even close.

If I live to an average old age, I can probably finish the list by doing about one a year. It would be nice to know how long we’re going to live… sort of. However, since we don’t, I think we should heed the word of encouragement in Psalm 90 – “teach us to number our days”. My aim in 2011 is “to number my days” – to make each day count.

What’s your 2011 aim or resolution; what’s on your bucket list ?

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