An Excellent Movie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you seen “The King’s Speech”? It’s the story of King George VI, who became king when his older brother abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. George VI, who was known as Bertie before he became king, had a serious stuttering problem and had no interest in being king with all the public speaking it entailed. But he rose to the occasion in one of the most critical times in British history – just before and during World War II.

The story is really about friendship, his with a commoner, his speech therapist. At a deeper level, it is a story about how one person can truly speak life into another person. Sadly, the reverse is just as true. Bertie was hampered by cruel and discouraging comments from those around him, especially his father and brother. But when someone came along and spoke encouragement into his life, he came alive and realized his full potential, as England rallied around him as their symbolic leader at the hour of their greatest need. He gained his voice both literally and figuratively.

Speak words of life into those around you this week. And go see this movie !

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