Friday, February 18, 2011

“You’re not leadin’ if no one’s followin’.“ Most of us have heard this statement or a variation. I think it’s true…to a point. Occasionally, a person or an organization has to stand alone and lead from conviction even if theirs is a single voice. I’m reading Eric Metaxas’s powerful biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian martyr who stood up to Hitler and the complicit German church and was executed for his defiance just before the end of the war. Bonhoeffer “stood in the gap” and paid for it with his life. Though he has been dead for over 60 years, he still speaks today through his written words and his life that backed them up. A man of deep conviction and a courageous leader.

Whether an individual or an institution, I believe leadership can be summed up as follows: Bold in Vision; Disciplined in Execution; Humble in Spirit.

Gladney has been a leader in the field of adoption for 125 years. We aim to continue that legacy by being bold, disciplined and yes, even humble, as an organization.

How do you define leadership?


Alex said...

Metaxas’ biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is truly excellent. It offers great insight to the inner thoughts and happens of a great man. His ability to communicate in the written form was amazing.

Also by coincidence, I received a news story from Honduras Weekly stating that The Gladney Center for Adoption has been selected as an approved agency. Although we are originally from the Dallas area, my family and I are missionaries in La Mosquita of Honduras. We are very excited to hear about this and would love to know more about what this means to the children of Honduras. Our focus is the three orphanages and many fatherless children here in La Mosquita. It was unclear if Gladney was going to work as an advisor or actually aid in placing children outside/inside of Honduras. I would also point out that there is no Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA) in La Mosquita. Blessings to all of you at Gladney!

Frank said...

We're excited about working in Honduras. We will place children from Honduras with US families. Would love to visit with you.

Alex said...
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Alex said...


That's so great hear about the children here in Honduras. I have a lot of thoughts about that and pray everything goes smoothly.

I would love to visit with you as well. My email address is reach.alexwaits@gmail.com.

Additionally, my family and I will be in the Dallas area next month for about five weeks as well.

P.S. Love your family story.