Turning 60 !

Monday, March 14, 2011

No, not me! I have a much older sister who is entering her 7th decade and I believe she would want me to ask all my friends to share in her joy during the sunset years of her life. I could think of no more fitting way to get the word out than to write a post on my blog.

I don’t feel old at all, until I think about having a 60-year old sister!

We were the classic younger brother / older sister growing up. I did everything in my power to annoy her and I was very good at it. Her response was this look that said “you are so disgusting”.

Actually, we became quite close over the years, based in large part on our shared Christian faith. She helped pray me in, although I came kicking and screaming.

Happy Birthday, Dorinda, and don’t worry, there’s no sign in your yard this time.


Deborah said...

I think she may be saying “you are so disgusting” again when she reads this about your "much older" sister!! Happy Birthday Dorinda:)

Frank said...

That's the idea. Some things don't change.

Mary said...

I am thrilled there will be NO SIGN in my yard! Thanks! As for my age, haven't you heard that 60 is the new 40??...therefore according to my math (which was my top subject in school!), I am YOUNGER than you!!! You were disgusting to me when we were growing up (we have the pictures to prove it!!), BUT you became and still are the most amazing brother! I am grateful that we are brother and sister! I admire you and love you very much!
Your YOUNGER sister,