Center for Adoption Policy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Co-sponsored by Harvard Law School and the New York Law School, the Center for Adoption Policy is holding its Ninth Annual Adoption Conference tomorrow at the NY Law School. The theme is “International Adoption: The Evolving Terrain”. I’ve been invited by Harvard Law Professor Betsy Bartholet to join her panel on the topic “Where Do We Go Now”. I’m excited to be a part as I do have a few observations about where international adoption is headed unless we collaboratively instigate significant changes and I have some thoughts on what those changes might entail. I am humbled to be included with those on this and the other 3 panels. Most of the panelists have several initials after their name, a Dr. in front of it, and are well-published. I have a Mr. before my name and my publishing credentials include this blog and my twitter account.