My Platform

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ok, I may be entering the race a little late, but here’s my platform:

1.       Bipartisanship – At least 30% of the Cabinet should come from the opposition party. Neither party has a monopoly on the best qualified people.

2.       Electoral College – Get rid of it. Popular vote wins. Current system – Iowa and New Hampshire decide who gets nominated. Florida and Ohio decide who wins. There are people in 46 other states who should have a say.

3.       Term Limits – Would shift the goal from maintaining power to actually governing and problem-solving.

4.       Political Conventions – More like coronations. Do away with them. What a colossal waste of money. And speaking of waste, stop all the extravagance around the inauguration. A Bible, a right hand, the Chief Justice and a camera should be enough.

5.       State of the Union Speeches – Tell the truth. “Some things are going well; some things are not”. They should tell us the “state of the union” and not be commercials for the party in power.
Do you agree or not?