TIME Gets It Right.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mostly. The new issue of TIME (dated January 21) came out today and it includes a fairly lengthy article on international adoption centered around the heartbreak of a couple trying to adopt from Kyrgyzstan. Kayla Webley, the author, wrote what I believe to be a reasonably balanced look at international adoption. Given the typical media approach to IA, “reasonably balanced” is high praise.

She interviewed me a few months ago and we stayed in contact. She used one of my quotes in the article, which I must admit for a 25-year TIME subscriber, was fun to read. It was gratifying to see the words “Gladney Center for Adoption” in the article.

What’s especially important is that given TIME’s global reach and Kayla’s generally favorable treatment of international adoption, this article combined with other initiatives underway has a chance to really boost efforts to reverse the tragic, declining IA trend of the last 8 years.

I’m encouraged. We in the international adoption community need some good news.

(Here's a link to the beginning of the article - Caught in the international adoption slowdown.)

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