GFA Lifetime Members - We Hit 100 !

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gladney’s year of milestones continues….. 125 years; 30,000 placements; 1,000 children adopted from China; and now, 100 Lifetime Members of our Gladney Family Associations, which are located in 19 cities around the country.

In 2009, we kicked off this idea of Lifetime Memberships. The thought behind it was analogous to loyalty to a university. Using myself as an example, I am going to be loyal to the Texas Longhorns and the Duke Blue Devils until I die. So why wouldn’t I be even more loyal to an organization that helped me and my wife have a family and want to demonstrate that my loyalty was for life by becoming a GFA Lifetime Member, which of course I did.

So let me congratulate Nicholas and Peggy Duncan from Oklahoma City on becoming Gladney’s 100th GFA Lifetime Member.

Here’s a question: What GFA has the most Lifetime Members – in absolute numbers and per capita?