Gladney Support of Both Ends Burning "Stuck" Documentary Film

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I’m excited that we have begun spreading the word about “Stuck” – the documentary film and bus tour that are coming to most of our Gladney Family Association cities over the next 78 days. “Stuck” will be traveling through Texas from March 13 – 17. That’s next week!

I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that our adoptive friends individually and collectively show our support for the film-viewing and related activities in your cities. As I write this, I just heard from Craig Juntunen, the founder of Both Ends Burning and the executive producer of “Stuck”, that Raleigh, the second city on the tour, was a big success last night in part because of the efforts of Gladney families there not only to show up and participate but also to bring others along. “Stuck” is an 80-minute gripping, award-winning film. Trust me; anyone you invite will be pleased they spent an evening watching this film.

But here’s key point #1….. The film and the tour are not an end unto themselves! They will be a springboard to a well-planned social movement that will raise the public’s awareness about international adoption as a wonderful option for building families and a critical part of the solution to the orphan crisis.

Both Ends Burning, the foundation which gave rise to “Stuck”, aims to lead the turnaround in the decline of international adoption.

Here’s my 2nd key point….. This is not just a dream; it’s going to happen! Against all odds, Both Ends Burning has pulled the adoption community together. BEB has the support of Senator Landrieu and her staff who are working on policy changes in tandem with this effort. It has the support of Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, as well as the leaders of the Jewish community in several cities. The leaders of NCFA, Joint Council, CCAI and many large international adoption agencies have thrown their support behind Both Ends Burning.

Key point #3….. Most people in the adoption field recognize that the efforts of Both Ends Burning may be the best shot to save international adoption.

Therefore, I want to appeal to you, our Gladney friends, to have a huge Gladney turnout in every city. See the movie in person. Bring friends. Go on the BEB website.  Sign the petition. Buy the DVD. Spread the word via social media.

As Craig says, “We can no longer accept the unacceptable. Every child deserves the right to a family.” We need to be the voice of those who don’t have one.

Click HERE to purchase Celebration of Life & “Stuck” Documentary tickets online.

View the ‘Stuck” Tour Itinerary. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Julie Landman at

Thank you for supporting this effort,
Frank Garrott