"Step Forward for Orphans" March: Laura Ingraham

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

At Friday's march, Craig offered a reminder that our work is ahead of us. We need to support the Children in Families First legislation to be proposed soon by Senators Landrieu and Blunt. We need to keep the pressure on our elected officials and elevate our issues.

Laura Ingraham spoke at the close of the march and echoed these thoughts. Her passion is fueled by her children from Guatemala and Russia, two countries which today are closed to international adoption. Laura noted that as Americans, we may disagree on many issues, but all of us should be able to get behind the notion that “Every child deserves a family.”

Laura stayed very long after the march ended, speaking with and listening to every single family who wanted to share with her their story and their struggle. I was fortunate to witness firsthand her compassion for the children and families who are “stuck”.

"Step Forward for Orphans" March: May 17 - A Watershed Day

Sunday, May 19, 2013

On Friday, over 500 adults and children gathered at the Washington Monument and marched to the Capitol. Those that marched came from 37 states, and included and represented children from over 20 countries. In a broader sense, we represented children from every country in the world.

We marched, chanted, carried signs, captured media attention, and tried to be a very loud voice for those without a voice – the world’s orphans.

The march was a culmination of 2 days of meetings with Congressional leaders (over 75 meetings). And it was the culmination of the 62-city “Stuck” film tour.

But “culmination” is the wrong word. Craig Juntunen, founder of Both Ends Burning and executive producer of “Stuck” told everyone there: “Today marks the beginning of the UNSTUCK movement!”

We’re just getting started and we’re not going away.