"Pounding the Rock" - How It Applies to International Adoption

Monday, June 24, 2013

“Pounding the rock”…. As a fairly intense basketball fan, I thought I understood this phrase. The basketball is often referred to as the “rock” and “pounding it” means focus on scoring in the paint (i.e., close to the basket).

Yesterday in the Sunday NY Times, I read an article about the Spurs and their coach, Gregg Popovich, which provided a different slant on this phrase.

As stated in the article, Popovich “tells his men to pound the rock, because even when the stone shows no sign of cracking, you never know under which blow it will finally break.”

All too often we in the international adoption arena feel like we are beating our heads against the wall. Let’s keep “pounding the rock”!

In the early 19th century, William Wilberforce “pounded the rock” for decades. Just before his death, the slave trade in England was abolished – it “finally broke”. It may take years, but I’m convinced that we’re going to see the same result in international adoption.

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