Honduras - A Memory Etched in My Heart

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tonight I'm wearing 3 bracelets given to me by birthmothers at Casitas. Earlier today, these 14 year old girls were asking us what Gladney does. We kept it simple: "We do adoptions". Their response was: "We don't have families. Can you find families for us?" So heartbreaking to hear these words. We promised to try.

When they learned I was el jefe, they gave me the bracelets as a reminder of my promise. If government bureaucracy and lack of political will in the U.S. and just about every country around the world wasn't hindering our efforts, I bet we could find families for these girls and give them the hope, the love and the life they long for.

How long will governments continue to be THE barrier to the basic human right of every child to have a family?   


Thursday, December 19, 2013

There are just some things we know intuitively, things I believe that God has put on our hearts. The writer of Ecclesiastes says: “God has set eternity in the human heart.”

I believe He has also set the desire for a family in our hearts. I saw a vivid example of this last week when a mother and her 6-year old adopted daughter from Ethiopia visited Gladney’s campus.

While a couple of us were talking to the mom, her daughter wrote a note for a section of our Visitors’ Center that includes notes from kids. The note read: “I love my mom ever since I was born.” Bear in mind that this girl lived in an orphanage and was adopted at 18 months.

It sometimes takes the simple wisdom of a child to remind us of what we know intuitively and to reveal God’s heart to us. As an infant, she had the capacity to love and a longing to be a part of a permanent, loving family. Unrestrained by finite boundaries which we adults too often adhere to, she instead hoped in the invisible world and therefore believed her mom was out there waiting to be found.