Friday, February 28, 2014

Gladney is so blessed to have the partners we work with in Taiwan and the Philippines, men and women who have devoted their entire adult lives to care for the orphans and vulnerable children of their countries by helping them find forever families and by their nurturing love for those who won’t have the opportunity to grow up in a family. Mrs. Gao, Sister Rosa, Mark and Marilen Morris and Dolce – these folks are my heroes.

The Little Things

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When I’m traveling overseas, I look for the little things. These are what create lasting memories rather than the typical bus tour through the city.

In Taipei, for me this included a China and Taiwan history lesson from our own Gongzhan Wu. I now owe him for at least a semester credit in terms of what I learned.

Another little thing (but not so little) is the kindness of Mr. Yeh (pronounced Yay!), our driver and jack-of-all-trades in Taiwan. He took us to a hole in the wall for lunch (good food). After watching me struggle with chopsticks for a while, he disappeared and came back about 15 minutes later with a fork he borrowed from a restaurant a few blocks away. He didn’t want to see me starve!

Later, Gongzhan and I were wandering around the city and ran into a demonstration. Very glad to have Gongzhan with me to interpret the scene.

Most important, we had wonderful discussions with our orphanage partners. More to come on that.