Part of the Gift

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I came across the following story in a book I’m part way through…..

“A missionary ministering in the South Sea Islands was teaching his people about Christmas. ‘The giving of gifts is a spontaneous act of celebration over an extremely joyous event. And that,’ he explained,’ is why many people give gifts to others at Christmas time. It is an act of celebration over the joyous occasion of the birth of Christ.’

Following this teaching, one of the young men wanted to give the missionary a gift for Christmas, but since it was a very poor island, presents were not readily available.

On Christmas morning, a knock came at the hut of the missionary. At the door, he found the young man, who then gave him an extremely rare and particularly beautiful seashell that was found only at the distant end of the island.

The missionary thanked the young man for giving him such a rare and beautiful gift from such a distance, to which the young man replied, ‘Long walk part of gift’.

What a beautiful sentiment. ‘Long walk part of gift.’”

I love this story. In a nutshell, it describes who we are and what we do at Gladney. Sure, we play a crucial role in providing a couple a beautiful gift at the end of the process, but the long walk we take with our families is a part of the gift.


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