Guess Who Visited Gladney Last Week?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guess who came to Gladney for a visit last week. Eleanor Tuck! Eleanor was the 7th Executive Director (1984-1988) in Gladney’s storied history. She had not been to Gladney in several years and wanted to know how we were doing.

Like a 14-year old boy, I answered in one word “fine.” Because I wanted to turn the tables and fire question after question at her. Sitting with me was this treasure of stories from the time she started to work at Gladney in the mid-1960’s. I was hanging on every word.

While we at Gladney are focused on the future, we remain very proud of our heritage. Catching up with Eleanor (who won’t let me call her Mrs. Tuck) – what a wonderful link to our past.

After our conversation was over, we held an impromptu celebration of her visit to Gladney with our staff, including my 30-year old son Phillip, who showed her a video of his placement day which occurred under her watch in 1987. She was visibly moved. So was I.

~ Frank